Mahuli Phase 1 : Preparation

Mahuli Phase 1 : Preparation

August 3, 2016 3 By thedelhigirlexplores

Rewind: 17th  APRIL  2016

I came across this website on 17 monsoon trekking destinations you must start planning right away. It had covered all treks from easy to hard. And I came across Mahuli, and that was honestly loved at first sight. I dreamt of going there. The place was so picturesque and the photographer in me jumped with joy and I was all set to go.

After doing my thorough research I found out that it was extremely difficult and only if you are fit enough could you possibly do this trek as it includes rock climbing. I put my phone aside and got up from the bed and looked at myself in the mirror and said I can do this, I just need to start walking every day ,hit the gym 4 times a week and start eating slightly healthier (which to me seemed kind of extreme for a lazy college going student).But the one thing I do believe in is the secret, what you visualize you attract, hence I made a plan of how I will reach mahuli and what train to catch in the notes section in my phone. and never looked it again.
Fast forward to July 2016

Normally I would try to go trekking once or even twice a month or at least plan to, but July wasn’t the month for me.

Firstly, I hurt my finger

Then my friends ditched me,

Then, my parents refused to let me go with 2 people.

Then, I thought my life was getting back together since I  signed up for “paid” trek to Matheran.  I would finally run away from the city life, excitedly put my alarm on for 6 am only to be woken up by a devastating text on WhatsApp declaring that the trek was cancelled due to a landslide. My heart broke into a thousand pieces, I was really upset, I was mentally drained, I needed an escape. Weeks went by, life felt like a routine, just surviving each day like a robot. Till finally, I woke up…

27 July Wednesday

I had this sudden realisation that if I keep waiting to become fit and wait for the perfect moment I would never end up going to Mahuli, NEVER. And that was quite a frightening thought,  I must say for someone who loves travelling. So I asked a couple of college friends and we decided we’d go.

30 July Saturday

Before going to bed, I did one last bit of research about the place and thank god I did cause I found the most helpful blog on the planet. it gave me all tidbits that none of the other sites shared. for example: how much would the rickshaw from the station to mahuli charge ? or which side to get off from the station? where should we parcel food from to carry on the trek and so on?
To be continued…