“Yeah I am somebodies duff
Guess what, so are you ,So is everybody.
Theres always gonna be someone prettier than you
or more talented than you
or richer than you
But that shouldn’t affect the way you see yourself 
You label everybody to try to keep them down
But you end up missing out on all this great stuff around you. 
Look, I like myself ,I wouldn’t wanna be anyone else 
And I realise now that none of this matters to me 
But it does to you, its your dream and I totally support that 
Just don’t tear me down for not giving a shit about your labels
Because in the end they are meaningless okay? 
In the end its not about the popularity or even getting the guy. It is about understanding that no matter what label is thrown your way only you can define yourself. 
Take it from a DUFF”


The movie is about a girl (Bianca ) and her two good-looking best friends. Then a guy, Wes (her childhood friend and neighbours) tells her about the concept of a ‘DUFF’, which stands for ‘Designated Ugly fat friend‘.
She realises her life has been a lie and then she doesn’t talk to her bests friends. Meanwhile, Wes is flunking in science so she decides to strike a deal with him, that she would help him pass chemistry while he would give her dating advice.
She likes a guy named Tony but can never say more than two words to him without fumbling while Wes hooked up with ex-girlfriend Madison. while they were helping each other out, they start falling for each other but they don’t acknowledge it.
And ta-da the dialogue that I used to start this blog was the speech she gave Wes’s girlfriend when she comes to bully her. And Wes says the sweetest thing.
And boom Wes kisses her and the end.
I think the speech, Bianca summed up what I had to say, really it was on point and made me really want to write this post. I feel it stood for important issues especially because everyone talks about high school is the best part of life. You try to fit in and then you don’t, you get frustrated. So I want to tell you to STOP!
These are all just labels.
Live the life you have dreamt of.
Live by your own standard
Be brave enough to be yourself
Stand up for what you believe in.
Don’t let labels define you
You define you.
I leave you with these wise words NOW.

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