Fleeting moments of happiness 

I remember this vividly, it was October 2016.

I had a lot going on, mentally, emotionally and physically. One of my family members was in the hospital and I had my exams on or coming up. I just returned back from the visit from the hospital. I remember saying this to myself ,”Put your shoes on and leave”and that’s what I did.

I put my headphones on and left.  I walked very fast to clear my head.

By the time I reached the sea front of Bandstand, I was so happy, I was walking and seeing the moon and the stars.

I was walking when I came across 2 guys with guitars singing songs. i immediately felt the urge to stop and listen. And that’s exactly what I did. I sat down and listened to these two beautiful men singing songs. At that point of time I realized, I don’t need to be anywhere in the world. This was perfect to me. Live music in-front of the sea. That’s what I call happiness.

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