My First Trek : Bhimashankar

KIRAN. That’s the name of the girl that changed my life in so many ways I can never thank her for. She’ll never know how happy she made me and I’ll never be able to fully express how grateful I am to her.

I still distinctly remember walking back from dinner when she passed me and said, “Hey,you wanna go for a trek this weekend?” and I was like “Yeah sure why not.

*Completely forgets about trek till Kiran reminds me* 

I quickly called my parents to tell them my plan.

Me: So we’ll take this train and leave, reach there, take a bus, from their take a jeep, have breakfast start the trek, descend and the whole thing in reverse. Is that cool? Oh, btw the one person you wanted me to go with backed out , so hmm.

Dad: No child, I don’t approve, all my red lights are flashing. I don’t think its safe. You don’t even know these two boys you’re going with and nor do you your senior. I don’t want you to go. What if this and that.

Me: * silence*

Dad: You’re still going?

Me: yes. I’ll be alright. I need this dad

Dad: okay please be safe. I love you

*Gets up at 3:30, takes cab reaches the station, boards train to Karjat at 4 am*

Reuben meets us at one of the stations, while Shashank meets at the platform. It’s quite a chilly morning in Karjat, we make our way to the bus station. We all do some introductions.After which we jump into a jeep that takes us to the base village.We share this journey with an old Himalayan trekker who tells us about his travels and how he met the love of his life. After 2 hours we reach and start our trek.

It was absolutely gorgeous, lush green and chilly. We started off, great, but as we keep moving forward, it turned out to be steep. No, an issue, we split into pairs and started to enjoy. I was with Shashank, who told me the most random stories that made us laugh. It was a 5-hour long treacherous trek for an unfit girl like me. But I was so determined to complete it nothing could stop me. I took small steps and periodic breaks.

“Learn to rest not to quit.”

That’s what I told myself whenever I thought I was close to dying. On that note, I must have died a million times. But after 5 hours we reached the top. And I must say dot dot….it was disappointing to a whole new level. We had to climb down 100 stairs to see more disappointment. Yes, we saw dilapidated temple structures. Tired but happy we headed to eat lunch now.

200w_d (2).gif


The weird case of Pedha’s

On the way to the restaurant, we decided to try out the Pedha’s as we heard it was some sort of speciality.After that we were hysterically laughing and till date, we still think there was something in the pedhas. *Wink wink*

Now, we being brilliant moron’s that we are realised that we don’t have enough time to descend down and make it in time for our hostel curfew at  11 pm.
It would take 3 hours to descend
And then 2 hours by jeep and then another 2 hours by train.
So we decided to take a jeep from the top that would directly take us to the station. Makes sense right?

Now the Twist : 

Narrator: It wasn’t a good idea.

We made ourselves comfortable in the jeep.
Reuben Kiran, Shashank and I sat in the middle, with random villagers in front and behind us.We all were really engaged  in our conversation that after travelling for 2 hours. We got off realised we were standing in front of a bus station in Nasik.

Nasik dude.Now for someone that has no idea of Bombay. I have no idea how to explain. But its like another whole district. (Please use all kinds of your imagination powers to understand the struggle)

All of us were like wow, great we got cheated.We sat down and had some sugarcane juice to get over it and started inquiring about our bus timings in Bombay.Everyone told us we’d reach in two-three hours. Kiran and I thought okay cool we can reach before 11. It was 6. Our bus was at 6:30. We boarded it. I throw my bag on the floor and pass out with exhaustion.

Next thing I know I woke up to Kiran crying. Missed calls from Mom and dad. I opened my eye to ask the person next to me where were we? They gave me some names til date that I still don’t know how to pronounce we were on the old Bombay-Nasik highway with potholes everywhere. Quite a bumpy ride I must say, luckily didn’t break any bones, but totally felt like I did. (And yes I’m not being dramatic I was sitting on the second last sit in the bus.)After 5 hours we reached Panvel, which is still an hour away from the hostel. From there we had to take a cab back to the hostel.
We finally reach hostel at 1 am with a pissed warden and parents.

200w_d (3).gif

(Sigh of relief) But I knew this was just the start to the many crazy adventures I will have.


  1. Nomadosauras

    Nashik?!? 😂 That’s a nightmare! I have had a similar experience with a friend of mine when we didn’t make it back to the Lonavla station in time from Vispaur fort 😅 Thankfully has warden was a chilled out lady who let her stay at a friend’s place for the night when it got way too late.
    Which trail did you guys take, btw? Ganesh Ghat or Shidi Ghat?
    P.S You should write mote trek posts! They are awesome 😁 (And I mean it! They are.. I read your post on desktop and then logged in from my phone just for the tears of laughter emoji 😝)

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