What Trekking means to me?

Trekking to me is synonymous with freedom.

Everyone needs an escape from the fast-paced city life. How people want to release their energies after a long week/month varies. Some party, some workout, some sleep. Some like me, trek.

How I feel in love with trekking

I fell in love with trekking in the first year of college. And there’s this quote,relevant to this context,

“It’s called falling in love because you never know when you fell.”

That’s exactly how I feel when I trek.

My previous treks

I have done quite a bit.When I was in the 11th grade, I did day 5 trek to the Valley of flowers conducted by the Army to the innumerable school treks.

Something always felt a little off with these treks to me.

I didn’t realize it then, but 5 years down the line I know what I was missing.

Having the freedom to do what you liked when you liked.All the previous treks of mine were followed by a strict itinerary. We had to leave at a certain time, eat at a particular place.

I followed it, but deep inside it felt quite unsettling. I always felt, what if the scenery calls for an extra 10 minutes of appreciation or you want to take a longer break to hear the birds chirp.

What I don’t go for :

pictures,to show off,or to write another blog post

I go because :

It excites me to put on my boots

It makes me feel alive, after long months of monotony

It gives me peace of mind

I love the feeling of

The blisters I get on my feet after a trek

The body ache that leaves you limping and making the journey up the stairs a task

What greater happiness could possibly be there than waiting for your train to arrive or packing your little bag struggling to find if you have enough cash to take a cab and reach the station

I love the tripping

How odd right?

Yes, I feel we become somewhat robotic in our approach to reach the top, that we forget to look around.

Each trek changes you. You leave something behind as well as pick up something new.

Trekking is home for me.


  1. Nomadosauras

    Beautifully explained! It’s so difficult to actually pen down why one treks. I, for one, haven’t been able to put it down in words. But if I ever come done to putting in on paper (or word doc :-P), this is what it’ll look like 🙂

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