When was the last time you felt your emotions?

Today I decided to catch up with a friend over dinner. So I planned to visit a cafe and read a book that was given to me by Sanaa, who believes in carrying two books wherever she goes to give it to clueless people like me.

So I went to that cafe, sat down ( dramatically next to the window) and switched on some Mozart music, and tucked my hair behind my ears while I opened Rupi Kaur book titled “ Milk and honey.”


And goddammit Bonita, it blew my brains off. It exploded.


No one wonder the heart has a cage, it would have splattered and spray painted the walls.


She spoke directly to the soul.
She has a way with words that make you want to burst out crying.
She reminded me of Adele in the sense, she reminds you of lovers you never had hahaha
On a more serious note, she awakened these emotions I didn’t know I had or should I say I forgot I had.


She made me think of the boys I missed and the way I felt with them. But how once they left, it didn’t matter. What mattered was I was a whole without them. She divides her book into 4 parts: the hurting, loving, breaking and healing.


Every word left my heart aching for more. My fingers just kept turning until I realised I reached the end of the book.I was hungry for more. Throughout my session, I realised one thing that I  felt a little uneasy, only, later on, I realised it was the beating of my heart. (Damn that came out way more dramatic, than I imagined) It felt so alive. It actually almost made me cry. ( Yeah trying my level best to emphasise how I would cry if I wasn’t in a public space)


The book made me look out of the window and actually wonder – F*** life makes sense when she talks to you. words suddenly have meaning. time flies by faster. life has meaning. that sex has meaning. that sex with the right person makes so much sense.


Just to sidetrack a bit, the other day I was watching a documentary on Netflix called Liberated, the new sexual revolution.


It talks about how sex is so easy available that it has lost its meaning. Some even described sex as a number. It then goes on to talk about how and why men and women allow it. How men want to feel powerful and hence sleep around while women crave the attention, to feel wanted. In short, it talks about the hookup culture. After that documentary, your brain is all scrambled, because it makes so much sense to why would men and women engage in such casual sex. Its seen as “cool” if young men and women have keep aside their emotions and go with it.

But once you read Rupi Kaur’s book, it talks about the love, the small things you do for one another while you’re in a relationship. She puts her 100% out there.


This lady hides no parts of herself. I especially love the last page, she dedicates it to us! Us ( wipes an invisible tear, cause that’s how good she is).Rupi speaks with such honesty and that’s so admirable in this day and age where people just say anything to be part of their social group.


So dear readers, if you have nothing to do, take a break from your Netflix and chill, and put your god damn phone down, open your Amazon and order Rupi Kaur’s book if you don’t have it already.

I think we need such honesty in our life.

Special thanks to Sanaa and her friends that keep on gifting her books. This has inspired me to a whole new level

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