L’ascension : How Love made one man Climb Everest

‘L’ascension’ that’s the French word for” The Climb.”

It’s based on a true story. It’s about a man  (Samy) that loves this woman (Nadia) and he promised to do anything for her.

She said “anything?’

He said,”yes, I would even climb Mount Everest for you.”

She laughs,” you dont even know how high it is.”

He says, “500 ft.”

She looks at him sternly, “it’s 29,030′.” and walks away like a badass.

Next thing we know he is on his way to Kathmandu in Nepal to prove his love.

Samy was the first Senegalese-Frenchman to climb Mount Everest with no experience. He did it out of love for Nadia. (Idiot, but atleast a romantic one). He got sponsored by a bank and a radio channel to make it to Everest. xxeverest-web-13-master768-v2.jpg

I loved it. It had a very strong message,“Before you love someone else you gotta love yourself.”


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