The baggage that comes along with the word “Internship”

I couldn’t help but keep the title that long. Internships are a burden. But it really shouldn’t be one. Ask anyone and all of them would say, “It’s like the 12th standard all over again. The pressure, parents pounding you, the neighbours asking you have you done anything in your summer vacations.” 

It’s hard to explain what I feel for this word but I shall try because it is important to me.  We have all heard tons of crap related to internships. “More Internships better placements.” ( Haha that doesn’t help my point.)

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So just calm down!
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Are you serious?

So here are the things I wish I knew about internships before I joined college.

  1. Do it in something you love 

Because I didn’t. And now I regret it. For instance, I love travelling, I could have done a ton of interesting internships in college, but I didn’t believe in myself nor did I think travelling had any opportunities. .

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That was me, don’t let that be you.


I will never be able to emphasize this enough. DONT YOU DARE DO IT! Try stuff out. Make that CV diverse as hell, little kiddo. Cause no one likes a bore, especially an interviewer.


Just because you’re ending with your First Semester doesn’t mean “You have” to do anything you dont want to do. Do what makes you happy,  Like Sleep ! You totally deserve it.

I know how college saps you out. Take a break, visit your parents, go out, meet your friends or my favourite “Netflix and chill” .I mean the options are endless. My point being :  There isn’t a hurry. There isn’t any golden rule or the perfect time.

4.  Its okay if it not paid 

I know, getting cash in college is like everything. But trust me, sometimes, just do it for yourself. The feeling that comes with it, is better than any drink you could get. In my second year I picked up two unpaid internships. I was happy I got through but a little obviously sad that it wasn’t you know paid. I quickly dismissed those thoughts and told myself that the experience that counts. Then I went out for a run and I come back to check my email, that reads”We have decided to pay our interns.”

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That was me when I read the email.


I WANT EVERYONE TO DO THINGS THEY LOVE. You wanna paint? Paint till your heart’s content, even if you’re doing an engineering degree. Who cares. Because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself. That’s what I firmly believe in.Personally, for me, I know what I love doing: Travelling, Photography and writing this blog. I make time for it. It’s hard to find time. But I still do.

UPDATE : I GRADUATED AND THIS IS HOW I SPENT Summer After Graduation and met people and realised It’s okay to be unemployed and sit at home because in the end Age and Jobs have nothing in common!

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