Let’s trek

Stories from the mountain

Yesterday we decided to go to this nearby trek called Ajjan top. It’s a 40 minutes hike. It’s basically a meadow on top of a hill and it’s gorgeous.

We all decided, I mean who ever was the staff at that time at the basecamp, that we needed to go to Ajjan top. Next thing you know we were sitting there till 9:45.

We played this game called

2 truths and 1 lie. We had to figure out which was the lie. It was really funny.

Because normally if we want to bond with people in the city we would talk about cool things like our treks and our travels . But since that’s our life now, we wouldn’t didn’t want to talk about it. Instead we had to share something about yourself.

I love that I have a community that loves the same things I do. I don’t have to force/beg anyone to come on a trek with me. Over here you’re just like“hey wanna go on a trek, they’ll be like hell yeah.”

Couple of seconds later

*boots on*

And everyone’s ready to go.


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