Different People, Different Passion

I mean, I’m writing this post because obviously, something has really inspired me yet again. Or maybe because I’m ‘Passionate’. Who knows? We’ll have to find out.

I have been observing friends and strangers for quite some time now. And it’s funny and by funny I mean, it’s crazy( good kind of crazy) how people are so different. Each person has their own forte, own interest. You may be like duh, “everyone’s different bruh, so?”

So the other day, I was sitting in the train, with one of my college friends ( who looks at things architecturally) you geddit, she likes architecture. Anyway, Both of us were chatting, till suddenly, I saw, the sunset, and the light fall on this lady so elegantly. And I legit stopped the conversation to admire it. Her eye caught the same thing.

But she had a completely different take on it. She said she “loves the patterns and architecture”. I was quite stunned. I said I didn’t even notice the train, or the windows or anything. I just looked at it and said “oh man that would be such a perfect picture,” because my interest mainly lies in photography.

Then I realised, how we all look at things so differently.

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