It’s true, Time Warp is Real!

My days in the mountain are so eventful that at times I think days have passed when it’s actually the same day.

Last week for me, seemed like 2 weeks was stuffed into one week. I went to my favourite restaurant Devendar’s and 5 hours later I went back, and said if he had the thing I wanted and he’s like “ Ma’am you came here 5 hours ago, it’s still the same day.”

In the city, an hour flies by but in the mountains weeks fly by. Sometimes even a month.

It’s so lovely to love your job. That everyday is a weekend. No not that I don’t do my job. In the sense, I am so engaged in it, taht it doesn’t matter what day or month it is. Because everyday you wake up to make a difference.

Actually this quote explains what I have to say :


  1. Nomadosauras

    I know, right? I come back from a trek and there’s so much that happens in a day that when we recollect it later, sometimes we wonder if all those things could actually be squeezed into a day! 😀

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