How millennials should check the news?

 I did my Bachelors in Mass Media. Take a look at  Why I took Journalism. Therefore I’m a tad bit critical of news presented to us by the newspapers and televisions. 

The Indian Media reports pressing issues to the general public like a wrestling match.

The people on new shows are screaming, screeching or yelling. Everyone want’s to state their opinion. Oddly somehow our parents seem to follow what’s happening.

This is one of India’s top 5 Tv’s channels. Take a look at it :

I thoroughly understood the news presented to me.

The millennials are left unaware of what’s happening even though they are the future of the country. 

The only way to get a hold of whats’s hapening is through Digital Media. News websites like ,Wire, Quint,Newslaundry,The Print

The best way to keep yourself updated is through apps such as Inshorts.

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