The story of two lawyers and travelling gloves

On 10 May 2018, I arrived at the Kathgodam railway station when I met Priyanka and Gaurav, two practising lawyers from Mumbai, who came to trek Roopkund, India’s most popular trek, withIndiahikes.

The scenic path to Lohajung
Kathgodam to Lohajung (the basecamp of Roopkund) takes around 8-10 hours.

Ours took 12. The oil pipe of the jeep broke.

With the delay, I got to know,Gaurav and Priyanka much better. They are such loving people. They had the most insane stories from Gangtok,.

The next morning they left for their trek. A week later, they came down. I was joking telling my friend Manu, a green trail intern how I didn’t pack well for my snow trek. And he casually mentioned this to them at dinner.

Home for the next 4 months

The next morning they had to leave, and Gaurav hands me his snow gloves. To be honest, I was confused, I had just gotten up. An hour later, after I realised what happened, my heart literally sunk.

Here you can take my snow gloves, since I’m going to bombay, and your here, it’s freezing take them, you’ll have more use of it than me.”

The gloves have now been passed on to my friend Manu who has gone on to do the same trek. They flew off the mountain and he got it back for me.

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