The three sins of Mediocrity I committed

If you haven’t noticed, the tagline for my blog is

“An ordinary girl with extraordinary ideas.”

Sixth Grade


I have always considered myself average my whole life. Merely by the fact, I got average grades and lived an average life. My life went something like this,

” went to school,came back, ate, slept, woke up, played,maybe did my homework, went to bed early”

6th grade was the first time I broke the shackles of conventionality. I still vividly remember that moment I was standing in front of a mirror combing my hair that I finally woke.The mere fact that I woke I regarded as rebellious.

Ninth Grade


I had a very sheltered upbringing until college, everything revolved around the naval areas. I hardly got a chance to explore the world beyond the naval gates.

Bus ride to Mc Donald’s and back

One day my friends, decided to grab a Mc Donald burger. For this escapade we needed to take a local bus. I was in. The plan sounded exciting, I had to take my dependent card ( which allowed me to enter Naval Premises ) from my mother. Apart from collecting whatever money I could throughout the week to fund this adventure.

Left the gates

The day finally arrived when we left the gates, took the bus and nothing made my heart feel more alive. I still remember how amazingly alive I felt. Something I hadn’t felt in a really long while.

We got off the bus and entered Mc Donald, ordered our burger. When I looked down at my phone to see my mother calling. I was worried,“Did she find out I left the gates?” “Would I be allowed back home?”. I looked at my friends, who advised me to answer it. I instantly became aware that Mc Donald’s had background music. I stepped outside, took a deep breathe and spoke to my mom to ask if I was alright.

The thrill of being free

Once we were done with out burgers, we headed out, to catch our bus, to head back home. We sat at the end of the bus jerking around as the bus bumped over the potholed roads. I couldn’t stop smiling. I never wanted to let go of that feeling.

First Year College

That basically sums up my entire college experience

Throwback 2015 :

I began college living an extremely monotonous life. I was tired, not the kind sleep could cure. One day I was standing in the in-front of a mirror in my hostel washroom when i woke up.  I needed some peace from the hustling city traffic.

Yeah I have become aware, most of my ‘woke’ moments have occured infront of a mirror.

I met a hostel senior who invited me for a trek to Bhimashankar
From that point forward I decided to live a more deliberate life.

Nothing ever lasted. I still went back to my routine. But what I have learnt from these experiences,you need them,to appreciate the good times.

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