What does Michelle Obama & Paulo Coelho have in Common?

Currently I am reading Michelle Obama’s Autobiography called ‘Becoming’, alongside reading Paulo Coelho’s Aleph book.

While I was reading both these books I realized something. Both of them spoke of their life experiences which had the same lesson.

Nothing replaces hardwork. You want something you go for it

Michelle Obama

worked her way up to Princeton University. Through out her journey she had been extremely dedicated and focused. She coined her hard-work as ‘Effort/result’. You put in the effort you get the result.

Paulo Coelho

In Aleph, he spoke about the importance of practice. He said it should become intuitive that you conduct the work without having to think. He explained his lesson through a blacksmith he used to watch as a kid in the interiors of Brazil. He said that, even though the blacksmith seemed he did the same work over months, it was perfecting the intensity, and repeating the same task a dozen times


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