Cold II

Cold II

September 8, 2019 1 By thedelhigirlexplores

The short film cold as mentioned in my previous blog never got out of my head. Today I decided to implement it. 

As I walked to Model Kapkote, one of my four schools I have been allocated in the Gandhi Fellowship I decided to smile while I said ‘Namaste’.

Rewind : 2 Months 

As I left Model Kapkote, I began crying hysterical for reasons unsaid, I stopped at this house crying hysterically, and this old woman asks me, what was wrong, I couldn’t take a single word out. I couldn’t breathe. I finally calmed myself down after 5-7 minutes and told her that I missed home. I was honestly tired physically and mentally.

An old man, I assumed her husband invited me to their house for chai to cheer me up, I wasn’t in a sound place so, I politely left.

Present Day : 3 September

Inspired by yesterday’s Short Film Cold, I began, smiling at everyone. I smiled at this old woman who asked me if I was teaching at the school.  I smiled and said yes.

On the way back, she stopped me and said,

“The other day I saw you cry, I felt very bad, my heart pained. I have a daughter about your age, whose always homesick. The other day her daughter narrated her a story about how miserable she was.Then a family invited her to feed her some rotis and chai. I want to that to you, so please come over have some chai and puri’s.” 

I obviously couldn’t decline the sweetest offer I have ever gotten, so I happily followed her to her house. . Just then the old man (her husband) entered the room,giving me the brightest of smiles told me how bad he felt seeing me cry the other day. He said

“You have to eat lunch. I said, I would love to any other day, but today I have an office engagement at 12.”

I asked him if he was in the army, noticing a picture on the wall. We spoke all about his transfers, in Shimla, Jammu and Kashmir, Indo China, Gujarat, Maharashtra.

He took out his phone, and showed me his entire life. I played with their dog Kulfi, and left their house beaming. 
I smiled at everyone and everyone smiled back.

This moment reminded me of the opposite of the short Film ‘Cold’ I watched. How a place may be cold, but a smile can warm you up inside. 

Today was a good day.