Life is Art/Art is Life

This was one of the most unconventional Ted Talks I have watched in a while. My mind was restless and this caught my attention.

Daneil Lismore is a British guy that love fabric sculpting, designing and campaigning. Daniel uses his artwork as a tool to propagate social change. In 2016, Lismore was the face of H&M campaign, “Close the Loop” a campaign used to help encourage recycling of clothes.

I related this Ted Talk to the students I teach in the schools of Uttarakhand, India.

The students told me there was a fancy dress competition in school and they were really excited about it.

This is what they told their teacher :

Everyday is a fancy dress competition.

I love the innocence of kids. and no I don’t love kids, this was one of the qualilties I liked about them.


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