How the village interactions shaped me as a person?

While travelling through a village you most often get asked these questions ,”where you come from, How many siblings do you have? What language do you speak at home? You’re parents let you do this, they must be brave. We left the village to work in the city, while you come back to the village. What makes you come back?”

As Neha and I walk back tirelessly from Maya Bazaar, one of the many smaller constituencies in the village of Wan, Uttarakhand I said , “I feel that the people in the city have a conversation without a soul, they are missing the meaning.” I said this with reference to the questions we are asked about in the village. Neha point blank disagreed. She replied, “We all , watch films, read books and newspaper, so we can have a wider range of topics to discuss.”

I agreed to disagree, “I personally feel more alive, when the locals ask me about me. The locals look at your character, they say you’re powerful and at the end of the day that counts.”

One of the many long walks back to Lohajung

Neha further adds, “Well Payal at the end of the day if you’re happy with yourself and the work you do, and if you can sleep at night, then, well to me your sorted.”

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