Here are some ways to set a context in the Social Sector

From May 2018 to May 2020 I have worked on and off for two long years in the social sector from Education, Climate change all the way down to Waste Management. This is how I went about familiarizing myself with the social sector.

Grassroots Experience

I have learnt theirs no truer knowledge than your own lived experience. Working at the grassroots level is certainly not a prerequisite, but it is definitely helpful when you can correlate your experience with academia or books.

I have found it beneficial working at the grassroots for four main reasons that are :

  1. It helps build empathy
  2. It helps grow meaningful connections with your stakeholder
  3. It helps you understand the latent needs of the communities you work with
  4. And Lastly, it helps you understand the roots causes of their suffering or the unknowing challenges they face in their daily life.

For instance when I lived amongst the mountains communities I learnt that they lacked a basic waste disposal system as there is no municipal corporation in place. This thereby was affecting peoples health. As I lived there, there was a huge landslide that closed down roads for months thereby restricting food supply. All of this sensitized me even more and I knew I wouldn’t in a 100 years know how it felt to lose everything. This isn’t an unusual stories in rural India, this is every second person life story. This is what you learn at the grassroots.


One of my favorite habits I picked up after college was reading consistently. Here’s a starter guide on how to start reading.

I have also complied a list of books that has given me greater insight in understanding the social sector.(Coming Soon)

For the past year I have been working in the Education Sector in Uttarakhand, where my foremost responsibility was to intervene with Primary Schools Headmasters to increase the student learning outcome through activities (Video sharing, Role Reversal, Worksheets,Charts etc)

Now working at the grassroots I became aware of the serious shortages of teachers and how I correlated knowledge from Poor Economics . (Coming soon)


In May 2020 I found a new pastime, attending webinars. This was the third way I found usefull in navigating my way through the social sector.

Here are a couple of organisations that give talks on Revelant social issues such as the Ongoing migrant crisis, Climate Change

  1. Indian School of Development Management (ISDM)
  2. IndiaSpends
  3. Zubaan
  4. Zero Waste Himalaya

ISDM organizes fascinating webinars with out of the box ideas that shift your perspective and your aligned way of thinking. I hope this helped you. Do drop a comment if know other ways in navigating your way through the social sector.


  1. Saurab Babu

    As someone who will soon be going to live and work among the grassroot stakeholders, your first section really helped reinforce why it is so important (its a constant mental battle because I’ve never lived outside the city! its scary but also exciting).

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