I created a 30 day At-Home Challenge

I love keeping myself entertained at home, now more than ever. So I created a 30 day challenge of the things I would like to make habits and of course things that once gave me happiness.

‘WHY’ the 30 days Challenge

I was talking too Ruchi a couple of months ago where she had briefly mentioned how she unconsciously stopped doing things that once made her happy like reading articles on Artificial Intelligence because she was caught up with work. The passion and conviction she spoke with stayed on with me for a while. So much so I wrote a blog about it.

On that phone call we decided that the fire in our bellies shouldn’t be diminished yet alone extinguished. The only way to keep ourselves somewhat sane and alive during this awfully long pandemic was to do the things that made us feel alive.

They say “life is what happens in between the goal.” Once we hung up, I was on a mission now to remind myself of what sparked that joy within me.

I jokingly remember telling someone last year that I used to wake up in the morning and listen to a ted talk on the pot. And this same individual said, “Me too.” I knew I found a weird-ass friend who was as hella eccentric as I am.

And just like that I decided to listen to a Ted Talk a day.


The Best Ted Talks I heard during the Challenge

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