A 1000 Reasons Why I’m grateful You’re Here

So I have been procrastinating forever to make an email subscription list. I have had my fair share of mental blocks, but I knew deep down this was the next step for my blogging journey.

I tried multiple times earlier, however I kept getting overwhelmed with the technicalities that I’d just cave. Then one day the voice inside me said, “nah, it’s cool, you can continue like this.” But I knew I was stronger and above that so I told myself, “I capable of this no matter how long this could take.” And that’s where you come in!

You just signed up ,even if it was just two seconds, I’m grateful and happy! I can’t wait to share my adventures, my learnings, why we all should know above Greta Thunberg and the best Netflix binges with you guys.

Photo Credits : https://unsplash.com/@morvanic

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